Community Guidelines

This guide is for all of our creators and members to understand what adheres to our platform's guidelines and what is prohibited. Please maintain that your account follows the rules below in order to avoid suspension. We operate based on a three strikes policy, however, reserve the right to suspend accounts subject to severity of an offense at any time. Please read our community guidelines carefully before becoming a member or creator. One strike will result in a warning. Two strikes will result in a warning and removal from trending and featured for 1 month. Three strikes will result in account suspension.

  • Do not use anyone else’s content other than your own. 

  • Do not post explicit or sexual content to the free portions of your account. Any explicit, NSFW images or videos must be behind a paywall. Repeated or extreme violation of this community guideline will require moderators to remove you from the trending page. Repeated warnings and strikes will result in the suspension and possible disabling of your Unfiltrd account. An extreme violation of this guideline may result in immedate suspension without warning or an issued strike at any time.

  • Do not use your platform to bully, harass, slander anyone. In addition, do not publish anyone else’s personal and private information on your Unfiltrd account. Bullying or harassment of any kind is not tolerated on Unfiltrd. This includes bullying or harassment of creators AND members. Do NOT post defamatory, crude, or degrading comments on other members' and creators' posts or send messages that threaten, frighten, intimidate, or degrade members or creators. We enforce a three strikes policy, however depending on severity of the matter may choose to disable an account at any given time. Unfiltrd is meant to be a safe space and we do not tolerate abusive behavior by any creators or members. Anyone found to be causing harm or chaos on the platform will be removed, no exception.

  • Only use our platform in a manner that is lawful. Any illegal activity on your page will result in ban and suspension. This includes any sort of content that is fraudulent, defamatory, hateful, discriminatory, threatening or harassing, or which encourages or promotes violence or any illegal activity.

  • Do not upload, post, display, or publish content to Unfiltrd that shows, includes, or refers to anyone under the age of 18.

  • Do not attempt to coerce creators or members to meet or communicate/meet off the platform. 

  • Do not attempt to coerce creators or members to meet or communicate/meet off the platform via Snapchat, Telegram, or any other messaging platform with the intention of removing site traffic and payment processing off of Unfiltrd. 

  • Solicitation of private, personal information in addition to exposure of one's private data in a malicious manner is illegal and harmful and is a strict violation of site policy and will result in suspension of one's account. 

  • Do not upload any content that shows, promotes, advertises, or refers to these following:

- Firearms, weapons, or any goods whose sale, possession or use is subject to prohibitions or restrictions
- Drugs or drug paraphernalia
- Self-harm or suicide
- Incest
- Beastiality
-  Violence, rape, lack of consent, hypnosis, intoxication, sexual assault, torture, sadomasochistic abuse or hardcore bondage, extreme fisting, or genital mutilation
- Necrophilia
- Bodily Fluids: Content explicitly showcasing, focused on, or glorifying:
- Scatological or excrement-related material
- Urine or watersports material
- Saliva in a fetishized context
- Menstrual blood in a fetishized or explicit context
- Semen or ejaculation-focused material not within the bounds of standard adult content
- Vomit or emetophilia-related material
- Any other bodily fluids in a context that is intended to fetishize, shock, or be used outside of standard adult content.
- "Revenge porn" (being any sexually explicit material featuring any individual who has not given prior, express, and fully informed consent to that material (a) being taken, captured, or otherwise memorialized, or (b) being posted and shared on Unfiltrd)
- Escort services, sex trafficking, or prostitution
- Contains unsolicited sexual content or unsolicited language that sexually objectifies another User or anyone else in a non-consensual way, or contains fake or manipulated sexual content in relation to another User or anyone else (including "deepfakes")
- Contains, promotes, advertises, or refers to hate speech (being Content intended to vilify, humiliate, dehumanize, exclude, attack, threaten, or incite hatred, fear of, or violence against, a group or individual based on race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, caste, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, serious disease, veteran status, or any other protected characteristic)
- Contains or refers to anyone else's personal data or private or confidential information (for example, telephone numbers, location information (including street addresses and GPS coordinates), names, identity documents, email addresses, log-in credentials for Unfiltrd including passwords and security questions, financial information including bank account and credit card details, biometric data, and medical records) without that person's express written consent
- Do not upload any content involving groping, pantsing, public masturbation, upskirting, voyeurism, predatory exhibitionism, or any other content that depicts someone in a sexualized manner without their consent.

  • Do not link to or promote any other social media accounts in competition with Unfiltrd into your bio. You may link your other social media accounts and websites in the specific social media links bar below your profile.

  • Do not promote any other competing Unfiltrd websites in your messages  or on your profile to your members on Unfiltrd. Creators on Unfiltrd found to be promoting competing fan subscription websites on Unfiltrd will be issued  warnings via messages. We take these offenses very seriously in whichever manner they occur on the platform.

  • Please make sure that there are no watermarks from other social media and websites in your videos and photos. 

  • Please refrain from deceptive and misleading marketing strategies in promotion and sale of your content. 

  • We do not allow any external payment sites such as Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal to be linked in your profiles or to be sent out as optional payment sources through messaging or to be present in any manner on your profile. All purchases and payments must be done through our website. We take this offense very seriously. Please maintain that all payments for content are done through Unfiltrd and not solicited through any external platforms and payout sources. You may not try to solicit payment through secondary sources via messages by inviting members to Snapchat or other messaging platforms either.

  • Charge backs policy: creators must be aware that a high volume of chargebacks on their account may result in a suspension of their account. Please maintain a good account standing by advertising your content and pricing correctly in order to avoid chargeback issues. 

  • Account Inactivity: accounts inactive for extended periods of time will be issued a warning and will be disabled if inactive for more than 2 months. Account inactivity accounts for any sort of inactivity from the platform. During the period of inactivity, all chargebacks against the creator will be taken out of the creator's balance and funds may be withheld.  

  • Unfiltrd may disable or suspend your account if you have taken any action that in our opinion has caused, or is reasonably likely to cause us to suffer a loss or that otherwise harms the reputation of Unfiltrd. 

  • If you are in violation of any of these community guidelines are your account is suspended or disabled, there are therefore in violation of site policy and forefeit your Unfiltrd and remaining balance. Please be aware of ALL community guidelines and read all policies before becoming a creator. By becoming a creator and member on the site you are agreeing to all of these site policies and rules. 

  • If we suspend access to your account or terminate your agreement we will let you know via email. During any period of which your account is disabled, any fan payment which would otherwise have fallen under that period will be suspended.

    AI-Generated Content Guidelines

To maintain transparency and integrity within our community, we have established specific guidelines for AI-generated content. Compliance with these rules ensures a responsible and respectful environment for all users. Please carefully review the following regulations:

1. Identification of AI-Generated Content:  All accounts producing AI-generated content must clearly identify themselves as such. It is mandatory for these accounts to disclose their AI-generated nature in their profile or bio section. 

2. Labeling AI-Generated Posts: Any content generated by AI, including text, images, and videos, must be explicitly marked as AI-generated at the time of posting. This label should be clear and conspicuous to inform viewers immediately of the content's origin. You must categorize your post as AI before postings as well as have your profile be categorized as AI.

3. Restrictions on Human Images and Videos: AI accounts are strictly prohibited from posting images, videos, or reels depicting real individuals. This includes any form of media that features or imitates real people, regardless of context.

4. Fictional Representation Requirement: All AI-generated content that portrays human-like figures must ensure that these representations are entirely fictional. It is prohibited to create or disseminate AI-generated content that resembles or mimics real persons, including but not limited to social media influencers, celebrities, and public figures. The distinctiveness between AI-generated personas and real individuals must be clearly maintained.

5. Enforcement and Penalties: Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in enforcement actions against the offending account. Consistent with our community standards, a three-strike policy will be applied to AI accounts in parallel with traditional content creators. Violations will lead to community strikes, with repeated infringements subject to further disciplinary measures, including possible account suspension or termination.

6. AI labeled posts and creators are under increased scrutiny and are monitored on a daily basis to ensure that they adhere to these guidelines. We operate on a three strikes policy, and ANY violation of these rules may result in immediate suspension per our discretion.