Complaints Policy

At Unfiltrd, we are committed to providing a platform that respects legal standards and promotes a safe, positive environment for all of our users. We understand that there may be instances where content may violate these standards, and in such cases, we encourage our users to bring this to our attention.

This Complaints Policy outlines our process for reporting, reviewing, and resolving these instances.

Reporting Violations

Users are permitted to report any content that they believe may be illegal or that otherwise violates our Standards. To report such content, please use our online reporting tool (post, click on the three dots on the upport right corner, and click report) or email us directly at Please include as many details as possible to help us understand the issue.

Review and Resolution Process

Upon receiving a complaint, we will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within seven business days.

Our dedicated review team will then assess the reported content to determine if it violates our Standards. This review process involves:

Appeals Process

If you disagree with the outcome of our review, you may submit an appeal by emailing us at Our appeals team will re-examine the content and the initial decision. We will then provide a final decision within seven business days of the appeal.

Outcomes of Investigations/Reviews

The potential outcomes of our investigations or reviews can range from no action, if the content is determined to meet our Standards, to content removal and account termination in serious violations. Please note that legal action may be pursued for violations that involve illegal activity.

We assure all users that each complaint is taken seriously and thoroughly reviewed to ensure fairness and compliance with our Standards. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a safe and enjoyable platform for everyone.