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A fair, user-friendly platform packed with tools to monetize your talents.
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What is Unfiltrd all about?
Lowest Cuts - Because 20% is way too much
Unlike other platforms which take a large chunk of your earnings, Unfiltrd will only take a maximum of 15% of your earnings, with the potential for even lower cuts for larger creators. 
Convert free followers into paying fans
Filter your audience and put aside those who are not ready to pay with the help of paid subscriptions and posts with gated access.
Monetization tools
Multiple built-in tools for strategic marketing and content management: paid posts, recurring subscriptions, unlockable messages with attachments, private calls, live events, and more!
Content creation with peace of mind
Built-in content protection tools and privacy policy protect our creators from copyright violations and content leaks. Our team will make sure to find pirated content and take it down as soon as possible. We provide resources such as a model protection agency and personal help from our trained specialists who know where to find leaks and how to have them removed.
fully-branded private space
So easy and so familiar - Launch your independent space under your own username in an easy to understand and user-friendly environment. Start your business journey without risks to your reputation online.
Become a creator
No bans from social network
Promote yourself with peace of mind - You can safely promote, share your link in the bio of your Instagram, TikTok and attract audiences from all social networks without the risk of getting banned.
Come join an exclusive and private platform made by creators for creators
We are integrating a selective process in who is a featured creator on Unfiltrd. Ranging from influencers, to well-known names in entertainment, we aim to create a space for professional creators with the highest quality content.