Report, Removal & Appeals Policy

At Mielpot Technology LLC, we are committed to ensuring that all content posted on our platform is done so with full and proper consent from all persons depicted. If you have been depicted in any content on our platform without your consent or believe that your consent is void under applicable law, you have the right to appeal to have such content removed.

Appeals Process

Filing an Appeal: To initiate an appeal, please  send an email to, detailing your concerns and any relevant information.

Reviewing the Appeal: Our dedicated appeals team will review your appeal, which may involve examining the content in question, assessing its compliance with our Standards and legal requirements, and consulting with relevant parties.

Outcome of the Appeal: We will provide a decision on your appeal within seven business days of receipt. If we determine that consent was not given or is void under applicable law, the content will be removed from our platform.

Neutral Resolution

If there is a disagreement regarding the outcome of an appeal, we acknowledge your right to have the disagreement resolved by a neutral body. In such cases, we will cooperate fully with the neutral body's investigation and comply with its decision.

We assure you that we take every appeal seriously and are committed to maintaining a safe, respectful environment on our platform. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.